I want to say that I’ve been eternally grateful for the Flex Program.  It gave my mother so much more quality time living in her home, made her feel loved and taken care of, and put my mind at ease knowing she had what she needed.  It’s an incredible program and your staff are wonderful (please pass on my thanks to them all).

Daughter of a Community Client


We just wanted to thank you for all the care you provided for my mom throughout the years.  We are particularly grateful that you organized a final visit with my dad.  Every time we thanked you in the past, you’d always say “that’s what we do”.  Even so, we always felt you went above and beyond.  Thanks so much.

Family of a Community Client and a Long-Term Care Resident


For all the staff at the Long-Term Care.  Thank you so much.  I am truly grateful that you are there anytime I need you.

A Community Client


Thanks for all your care, for your help, from my heart.

A Community Client


I really want to commend NRLTC and ….for providing exceptional service and assistance.  Nothings perfect but you and your organization allowed my mom to have a much better quality of life at home prior to …..- as well as extending her ability to remain at home.  I think Deep River is a better place with your group.  Please extend my greetings and thank you to all of your staff who so often went beyond their call of duty!

Son of a Community Client


Thanks again for the great care you and your team provided………

Family of a Community Client


Dear Staff, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your amazing care, love, sensitivity and professionalism caring for ………and…….. and when dealing with their family.  You are absolutely a very special group of people, and all of us wish all of you the very best!

Family of Long-Term Care Residents


I am extremely impressed with the staff here and how they have so much patience with the residents.  It is a pleasure coming here and I want to live here when the time comes.

A Delivery Person


Over the year I have grown to regard the PSWs much more as friends than paid workers.  They and the housekeepers are without exception helpful, caring, kind, cheerful and patient.

A Community Client